Green Parking App
Less process, simple and easy interface.

Project Description

Green P Parking can be seen throughout the city of Toronto, especially in Downtown. In the purchase process, driver goes to the parking machine to get a parking ticket. However, the machine screen is not user-friendly and require many processes to complete the purchase. The project was to design the mobile app to make the process simple and clear.

Thinking process

When people use Green P parking, they are usually on their way to do something else, maybe in some cases the users would be in a hurry, hence the process to park their cars should be straight-forward. My partner and I wanted to make an app as simple as possible and easy to follow. We decided to use the barcode to input driver’s payment information. The payment process can be done by only scanning the barcode over the parking machine.

Visual design

The primary user target was car owners who comes to the Greater Toronto Area, so we wanted to design the app to suit the Toronto urban area. Pastel Green was selected as a main color to make the app elegant and clean.

The result

It was my first mobile app design project, so many challenges arises. As one of the user of the current parking system, I felt the pain of the current cumbersome system, and strive to make the process more efficient by minimizing user time spent and improve overall experience. I was able to gain the basic knowledge of the designing process such as wire-framing, prototyping. You can view the final presentation here.

Green Parking App Green Parking App Green Parking App Green Parking App